Thursday, February 3, 2011


I originally titled this post "Fitness Friday" but then realized, I don't do a whole lot of fitness on my Friday, and it is more like Super Session Saturday with my long runs. Sorry a whole lot of forced alliteration there.... Anyways, Friday will find me in the Med/Surg unit taking care of patients from 6-6 and then happy hour where I will hopefully revitalize and wake up from my drug-induced (get it get it, drug induced b/c i spent the day at the hospital) coma. It is actually a sleep-deprived one but I digress. I have found that as I train for my upcoming marathon, my life completely revolves around running. When am I going to run? How far am I going to run? What do I need to bring on my run? When do I need to get up for the run, go to bed for the run? How much time do I have and how fast do I have to run to fit my prescribed distance into available running time? I think you get the point. I am in running overdrive and am so excited to *gasp* just go to the gym and read trashy mags and work out on the bike or elliptical; however, 6 weeks remain until my tortuous Sunday, replete with 26.2 miles of sweat, some happiness, mostly misery, and a big fat medal with a free (or so they claim!) massage at the end. So as I leave you now, to hopefully get in a few hours of sleep, which is also carefully planned when you have to get up at 5 am everyday for 12 hr days, my mind will be racing with well, racing! TGIF!

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