Sunday, February 6, 2011

Runnin' with the Big Dogs

So yesterday was my 18 mile run. I woke up not feeling my best, after a few too many drinks the night before, but I chugged some water, drank my coffee, and ate my breakfast, determined to finish the whole thing. I lathered on the sunscreen and charged my Ipod, stopped at the store and got some Powerade chews (seriously the only thing I can eat during my runs!) and was off! I chose to run around Mission Bay b/c it is just so easy - all the trails are there, complete with water fountains and bathrooms every .25-.5 miles, oh and not to mention beautiful views of the Pacific!

Let's keep drilling in the point that I DO NOT feel very well and I am only getting out of my car. I start my watch, put on some tunes, and start going, already knowing this is going to be slower than normal and I just will have to slow my pace down. I am plodding along passing the usual moms jogging with strollers, families setting up barbeques and bayside bootcamp classes when up ahead I am seeing a bigger crowd and commotion. I am wondering what could be going on, I remind myself to stay on pace and not speed up, so when I finally get up there I realize - OH, I AM RUNNING ALONGSIDE THE USA CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS! Seriously?!? I have never been so demoralized running.
This race was won by Shalene Flanagan, with Molly Huddle in 2nd (GO IRISH GIRL!) I mean, those girls can RUN. I felt like a little beluga whale out of water, plodding along with my fuel belt and ipod while these running gazelles whizzed by me.

Sure it helped when I found out they were professionals and that I saw some running celebs but man, knowing I had 15 miles left after running by them for a mile really really stunk. I FINISHED though! I did it and I am proud that I ran the whole thing, while being nauseous and sore the whole time.

Look for a new sale this week!

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