Saturday, February 26, 2011

And it all falls down...

I haven't been sure about how to post this but I don't even know if anyone reads it but I feel like I need to get it out and admit it. My nearly 3 year relationship ended last weekend. I thought that relationship was it, that we were going to get married and be together forever. I did everything with the thought in mind that we were getting married. I moved, gave up some dreams, because I knew the dream of us was bigger and more important. But it wasn't or maybe it was, but it isn't. I wasn't getting out of it what I deserved in the past few months and it had to end. It did not end well by any means. It ended horribly. I had to move out in the middle of the week and sneak in during the days when he wasn't there to get clothes. My brother is coming here today to help get me out of there for good. It is hard, stressful, and I am struggling. I will come out a better person, a happier person, and a person who will find someone who treats her with utmost love and respect. Its a hard journey but I have amazing family and friends to help me along the way.

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