Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why all the clothes??

well.....if you may ask....ok nobody asked and nobody has commented yet so I am basically talking to myself (something I am pretty good at, just ask my dog (and yes he will talk back to you)) but my friends convinced me to sign up for a marathon and after all this running, on top of what I normally do, I am now firmly a size 2 and not a 4! Of course a 4 is not big to start with but I am quite a short person, so the smaller size, the better the length will fit and the less rotund and square I will look. *cue applause*

I am less than 2 months out from the marathon, successfully completed 17 miles last weekend with an average time of 9:18/mile and have a nice 18 miler to look forward to this weekend. nice = really long, tiring, and not what I really want to spend almost 3 hours of my Saturday doing, but then I remember, size 2, not 4:)

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