Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Marathon to end all Marathons - no seriously, I am never doing one again

This is a super picture heavy post b/c words just can't do this Sunday justice. I look really happy in some of these (hint: I am FAKING!). The LA marathon was the worst weather imaginable! I saw on the website today they asked which was your favorite mile...duh! mile 1 b/c it was the only non-rainy one! Everything afterwards was torrential downpour, 40 mph winds, flooded streets. I could not feel my hands, my legs, my stomach, minus the shooting pain in my left calf.

I like the guy behind me in this picture. He is really cheesing for the camera!

I may appear happy in the photos below but it is a lie. I am miserable and trying to psych myself into having fun. It is freezing and raining and I have a long way to go. Leigh and I hated life.

Hey, at least I don't look like I am in as much pain as the guy behind me!
Absolute joy/delirium. This is about 1 minute before hypothermia set in. I have NEVER been colder in my life! I grew up in the freezing northeast, skied, played hockey, and this was the worst. Standing outside, on the ocean, in wet clothes and shoes with a wet hat, and a tin foil blanket? People started giving me clothes I was such a sad sight!

All in all, I did it. I did it with 3 great friends and we all finished. It took us a LOT longer than we thought and I think I could have gone much faster, like 30 min faster, with no problem, had the weather been nice. I will tell you this, I have never felt a better hot shower in my life!

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